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In the last years waste management has had a relevant evolution, leading to changes in the company approach about this topic. Nowadays, it is not enough a “safety” management, as in many cases this method does not take into account an optimisation process of the supply chain and an evaluation of the best waste collection and disposal.

Concerning these topics, it is needed to operate with care and expertise, in the interest of environment and customers. Collaborating with customers, C&P Engineering has got the experience to guarantee cost reduction as well as an optimisation of available resources.


Energy is historically considered a cost, a bill to be paid and a cost to be monitored. C&P Engineering has developed an integrated perspective about energy, allowing to support customers in the delicate phase of the energetic optimisation of activities. This approach allows customers to capitalize on the actual energy value as a “raw matter” and as a resource to be used to make the company grow and sustain it.


Due to higher pressure on costs, producers must achieve a better profitability thanks to a careful company management: reducing inefficency and wastefulness, and in the meantime investing important resources on more profitable products and processes Experience developed in C&P Engineering, allows an adequate and essential support during contract stipulation as well as during the whole activity pathway, in order to consent to customers a complete control and the best financial management of energetic carriers.

• Normative update
• Interruptibility service management


Facility area concerns all those services not directly connected with productive processes, but indirectly needed to make activities realized. These services optimisation allows benefits both in terms of costs and of management and, thanks to our experience in this field, C&P Engineering can make best choices about essential services, allowing customized solutions tailored on customer requirements and issues.

• Services cost analysis
• Reduction demand initiatives
• Expense monitoring systems
• Supply optimisation interventions


In the telecommunication field, as well as in the energetic one, technical and contractual aspects influence each other, contributing or not in a benefit for customers. In such a complicated context, often involving different company services, C&P Engineering main goal is to analyze the impact that new technology/services may have, taking into account the needs in mobile and fixed communication field, and in data transmission. With a proper integration of all this information it is possible to achieve best configuration and costs, totally satisfying customer needs.

• Installed systems analysis
• Connection modality evaluation
• Connection points rearrangement
• Contractual Assistance

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